How do I place an order?

For commissioned work you can email me at, message me directly on the Facebook page, or send a text (number on contact page). It's that easy. And once we get going, we can communicate via text - most people prefer this as it speeds up the process substantially. There's also a form at the bottom of this very page. Just so easy ;)


How early should I place my order?

As soon as you can. With the current bookings scheduled, Summer of 2019 is almost at capacity, with the majority of orders in July and August. A small deposit can easily secure your spot (and please do – we hate turning people away!)
Don't worry if you don't know what you want on your board this early either (especially for seating charts). I work to meet YOUR schedule, which includes doing designs up early enough and getting your final wording or guest list closer to your date. With over 700 wedding chalkboards drawn to date, I've definitely go the system down!


Does the chalk smudge?

I typically use chalkboard markers, which are amazing and vibrant. They are 'wet-erase', which means they will wipe off with a damp cloth, but will sustain rubbing up against them or even banging them around a little.
Want the real thing? Regular dry chalk can be used but isn't recommended for boards that will be in high-traffic areas or for transportation. Message me if you'd like to know more!


Can you use my chalkboard?

If you have your own board - great! I can definitely work on what you've got already. Send me a photo of it with the dimensions for your free quote. Check out this photo for a guide to the process.


Can I buy a chalkboard from you along with the artwork?

Of course! That's what seems to work best for a lot of brides. I offer flat, unframed chalkboards for no charge with all custom orders. They come in three sizes: Small (12"x24"); Square (24"x24"); and Large (24"x48"). They're perfect for sitting on an easel or can be attached to a wall with backings. You can also drill holes in the edges to tie ribbons or twine and hang! Check out this photo for a guide to the process.


What are your prices if I wanted to order one of your boards?

I offer custom pricing for our three most popular sizes for wedding and event chalkboards:

2018 Promotional Pricing for Custom Wedding Orders   Includes the unframed chalkboard, custom design with hand drawn artwork, and turnaround is only 7-10 days.  Large  - 24"x48" -  $  345 . Perfect for seating charts, name & date boards, and welcome signs.  Square  - 24"x24" -  $195 . Great for your itinerary, choose a seat not a side chalkboard, or unplugged wedding signage.  Small  - 12"x24" -  $95 . Ideal for thank you boards, instagram hashtags, and coming down the aisle chalkboards.   FOR HOME DECOR AND BUSINESS PRICING, PLEASE EMAIL:    *Note, in peak wedding season, business and home decor may not be available.

2018 Promotional Pricing for Custom Wedding Orders

Includes the unframed chalkboard, custom design with hand drawn artwork, and turnaround is only 7-10 days.
Large - 24"x48" - $345. Perfect for seating charts, name & date boards, and welcome signs.
Square - 24"x24" - $195. Great for your itinerary, choose a seat not a side chalkboard, or unplugged wedding signage.
Small - 12"x24" - $95. Ideal for thank you boards, instagram hashtags, and coming down the aisle chalkboards.


*Note, in peak wedding season, business and home decor may not be available.

Just wanted to send a huge thank you to you for making our wedding seating chart chalkboard, I got so many compliments and everyone LOVED it! I even had 2 random ladies in my room at Heritage Pointe and they were like “oh sorry, we just heard about this chalkboard so we had to see it” haha! Heritage Pointe also really liked the chalkboard so I provided them with your card because they said they would like to use you in the near future to make up some chalkboards for them!
— Alyssa, married Aug. 2016

How can I order a seating chart?

I've worked with dozens and dozens of brides creating their seating charts and have developed a very easy process. Simply put, I design it for you with placeholder names (fake names) first. This happens 30-45 days before your wedding. You have a look to see how you like it. It isn't until you have your final guest list and seat assignments down confirmed that I put in your final names and send you another mockup to proof. Make sure to take a thorough look at things to make sure everything is correct, from names to tables to design. This is about 7-14 days before your big day. Once you've confirmed everything looks good and is accurate, I draw it up 2-3 days before you're ready to pick it up! Really easy :)


Do you offer custom sizes?

Because I work out of my home and not a full shop, I don't have equipment to cut my pieces to any size other than the three that I offer: Small (12"x24"); Square (24"x24"); and Large (24"x48"). Occassionally I will have a 12"x48" sized board in stock as well.


What do I get with the cost?

Oh so much! ;)
The price you see includes the chalkboard, which is primed and ready to go. It comes unframed and can be easily drilled through or mounted or even framed. Your price also includes custom design for you by a professional designer - see your words, your names, your vision as a mockup before it's drawn on. The price also includes hand-drawing the design onto the chalkboard, with about 10 different colour options if you like. 

What isn't included in the cost is any revision after two. If you have more changes after the second mockup I send you, price is $25 per revision. The cost also doesn't include formatting (think seating charts). If you need your list typed out, or if it's not in a format I can work with, cost is $40 to format your names. Names are typically first name and last initial only and accepted as anything that can be copied and pasted (i.e., word document, excel, email, etc.).


What are the benefits of hiring a professional chalkboard artist for my wedding?

First of all, everything is hand-drawn. It's all completely custom and, unless you'd like something I've already done, it's all made just for you! I complete everything for you and you don't have to worry about a thing. You won't waste time trying to line up your wording or match your decor. 

Here's one of my favourite quotes from a bride I worked with recently:

"WOW!!! It would have been a BIG mistake not to hire Vicki to make my chalkboard dreams come true. I bit the bullet and contacted her after many attempts of drawing out my signage... myself and by bridesmaids have realized that chalkboard art is really not as easy as one would think! I thought it was going to be way too expensive so thought I'd just get a quote on what I needed, see if it was doable in my budget constraints... the result? HER PRICES ARE AMAZING FOR THE QUALITY OF WORK SHE DOES!!!!! She is so talented and hands down has been my favourite vendor to work with... her love for her art is reflected in her creativity. I highly recommend Chalkboards & Co. for any and all chalkboard art you need for your wedding!!!"


Can you make a chalkboard out of something I already have?

More than likely yes. I've made chalkboards out of wooden trays, mirrors, windows, framed glass, and pretty much everything else.I've even made chalkboards out of old chalkboards (be weary of Winners or HomeSense chalkboards - the boards do not hold chalk very well but we can salvage this!) Note that when creating boards like this, an additional charge plus another 3-4 days is required to properly cure the boards. Check out this photo for a guide to the process.


How much am I looking to spend if I supply my own chalkboard?

Because so much time goes into the design and artwork of your piece, we do not discount if you are providing your own chalkboard. Note that additional charges may apply if re-painting is required (About $10 for larger pieces).


Can I rent a board for my special event?

This question has come up a couple times. When I price the boards, the core of the pricing system is both the personalized design and the time it takes to hand-draw each board – not the chalkboard itself. I want you to have meaningful decor but also a potential keepsake for your event or big day. A lot of my clients (brides) have kept their boards in their homes as a piece of art (I'm flattered!). Because of these reasons, I'm not renting chalkboards at this time. 


How do I purchase your in-stock items?

To purchase any of the gifts or items that are not custom orders, please purchase on my sale page, send me a message at, fill out the form on the contact page, text 403-999-0606, or via Facebook to arrange a pick up time. Simple, no?


How long is the turnaround time for my order?

I aim to keep the turnaround time between 5-14 days, depending on the size of the project and the time of year. I create chalkboard art part-time and hope you understand that the handmade items take time and care. I only take on as many orders at one time as I can accommodate in that timeframe so as not to extend wait times and to provide you the best quality workmanship.

Peak months are July through the end of September – so book your time early, even if you don't have all your guests confirmed or know exactly what wording you want. All you need is a $50-$100 deposit and we can go from there. 

Winter time is a little slower but it's still a good idea to reach out early. I hate not being able to help someone out, especially a bride and groom, but I only have two hands :)


How do I pay?

I require a deposit up front for any pieces that are personalized, although full payment is appreciated. I accept payment via e-transfer, major credit cards (add 4%), or by cash in person. Outstanding payment is due at time of pickup or earlier. If paying by credit card, I ask you pay in full. 


Where can I find the colours, fonts and chalkboards you offer?

You won’t find a huge list of what I offer because the options are endless and completely up to you. If you have a specific font or board or colour in mind, let me know and I can do my best to replicate it for you as closely as possible. Many of my customers like to give me pictures and examples of what they have in mind, which makes my job easier because then I can cater specifically to your needs. Don't forget that your custom chalkboard will be personalized and designed before I apply the chalk so you will get to see an accurate mockup of your final product. 


When and where do I pick up my piece?

I am currently located out of a home in Marda Loop, Calgary and pickup can be anywhere in Marda Loop - both Starbucks and Phil & Sebastian's are popular spots. Rarely I can accommodate weekday day time pick ups in Inglewood. I prefer weekend days, however my pick up times are flexible; I will message you when your piece is ready for pick up and we can arrange a time that is convenient for you.  I ask that you please collect your work within 10 business days, and do not hold any pieces beyond 30 days.


Can you deliver to my venue?

I can appreciate the stressful time of a bride or wedding planner, definitely. If it's convenient for both of us, pickup and delivery are available at a minimal extra charge. I'll try my best to accommodate but tend to pickup or deliver in a fairly small radius of downtown Calgary.

The chalkboards at our wedding looked amazing and were a total hit. I provided your company information to a few people that inquired after our wedding. We plan on framing the boards and finding a home for them permanently we liked them so much.
— Chrissy, married Oct. 2015

Can you do some chalkboard art in my home or business?

Yes, indeed! I have done work in home kitchens, bars, pubs, restaurants, and cafes. I still require a deposit and the outstanding balance upon completion (sorry, no exceptions or 30 day wait times). Cost for in-situ boards start at $250 and is limited by my availability. Note that June - September is peak wedding season. Message me for more details.



Do you ship?

Absolutely! Shipping costs range from $40-$100, on average. Do contact me for more specifics!

I saw something on Pinterest that I liked, do you do other DIY projects?

I definitely can try! And at the very least, your references can help tremendously when establishing the design I create for your board. However, there are some projects I do not have the tools or resources for, in which case we would let you know. It's always free to ask.


How do I know you'll get my design just right?

I have a Bachelor of Design in Advertising and graduated with Honours from the Ontario College of Art and Design. But above and beyond that, I've done upwards of 700 wedding chalkboards! Give me a few words that describe your wedding and you'll get something custom, unique, and stunning. If it's not 100%, the cost of the custom art includes one round of changes. Beyond that, I do add $10 per round of changes.  It's a simple way to keep your costs down and allow me to spend ample time on each and every client!


Do you have a store I can buy from?

This is a home-based business and that is where the work is done. However, I am happy to announce that Event Core in Calgary is a space where my chalkboards are displayed, along with more information. You can go down to the space and not only view chalkboard art, but take in the talents of photographers, florists, wedding planners, coordinators, cake bakers, and more. You should go right now!

I will also be attending Bridal Expo Calgary on September 18th. We will have dozens of already-made boards you can purchase on the spot so come see us!


Can I just buy a chalkboard from you but without any artwork on it?

You can indeed. Although it's not my specialty, we respect any artist who wants to put their own work on the board. Message me to see what I have in stock or if a custom board would suit your needs. Also indicate if you require backings on the board.

...thank you so much! The wedding was perfect and I received lots of Compliments on the seating chart!!
— Shanna D., married October, 2015

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