Chalkboard Art: How to Create a Successful Business with Chalk

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Chalkboard Art: How to Create a Successful Business with Chalk

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Ever wondered what it takes to create a successful business doing chalkboard art? Want to start generating income doing what you love? Want to pick your clients, your schedule, and your life?

In this 30+ page digital booklet, you'll have answers for everything from suppliers, pricing structure, picking your market, SEO, social media and websites, plus countless other vital techniques of the trade to get your chalkboard art business profitable!

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Topics covered include:

Starting Out
Your Brand
Your Unique Selling Proposition
Picking Your Clients and Customers
Market Yourself (So much here!)
Pricing Structure and Methods
Organizing Your Business
Creating Your System
Communicating With Your Clients
Sales! Sales! Sales!
Getting Traction With Trade Shows
How to Maintain Your Business For Years
Full List of Suppliers

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1. 1. Starting out

So you’ve got some drawing skills. Maybe you went to art school. Maybe you’re naturally talented. Maybe you’ve been honing your craft for years. But the point is: you can draw. You don’t shy away from a pencil, a pen, or maybe even some paint. That’s good. Because to get into the chalk business, you definitely need a foundation of good creative drawing skills.

Now, this kit isn’t about how to draw. It’s not about techniques or esthetics or what looks better than something else. It’s about how to take your skills and make some cash with them. It’s about paying off that art school student loan (*cough* me), or having some extra income for a trip, for rent, or whatever. This kit is about your business. About the potential from it and how you can avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made and learn from my successes.


What are my successes? Good question. I’m sure that since you’re reading this that you’re aware of some of them. This isn’t my section to brag or anything. But also, part of good business practice is knowing when to brag and how. When to talk yourself up to people who want to hear it. And I think that people is you right now.

I started small, of course, not knowing the potential of chalkboard art. I figured I’d dabble and see where it got me. That was in late 2014. (You should see my first couple of boards. They were atrocious!) My first opportunity was a local bar that wanted their massive chalkboard wall re-drawn because it was… kind of ugly. I offered up my services and haven’t looked back. It’s now the summer of 2018. Peak wedding season (gulp!). I have drawn over 700 chalkboards. I have over 2500 followers on Instagram. My Facebook page is happenin’. And I’m at a point now where I actually have to turn down orders because I can’t keep up. I’ve raised my prices by more than 200%. I have so many positive reviews and kind words that I have lost a lot of them (don’t do that – keep them all!). When I go to shows, I’m a bit of a legend. “You’re the chalkboard lady?? I follow your work!” It’s really kind of weird. And that’s just in Calgary, Canada. A city of just over a million.

I started out knowing that I wanted to do something more creative in my spare time. I had a day job (still do, actually), but felt it was lacking in some departments. So here is what doing chalkboard art does for me:

·      I get to draw. And get paid to do it.

·      I get to feel a little famous.

·      I get to meet a ton of awesome people.

·      I get to be EXCITED about “going home and working”!

·      I get the freedom to have so much extra cash that I don’t feel guilty on splurging on myself with that cash...