My Own Hand-lettered Chalkboard Photo Shoot

So this weekend turned out being a little grey. The grass is still brown or yellow and the sky was nothing but clouds. However, I got to work with three awesome brides doing hand-lettered names and dates. I then applied the approved lettering to a chalkboard. A quick photo shoot over two days (one in a pretty back yard, the other at the Glenmore Reservoir) and I'm ecstatic with the way these look!

What I like best is that all of these weddings will be in the summer months. Two this year and one next year. I see the chalkboards as a kind of rustic ode to spring with their own sense of beauty in that mix of grey and brown. And even a countdown to the upcoming wedding season with its green and blues, yellows and pinks of June and July. 

Special thank you to Danielle & Trent, Kasandra & Richard, and Darlene & Sean. Best of luck to you all in the final months (or year) leading up to your wedding day!

Side note - Darlene & Sean will actually be using their chalkboard as a guest book! What a great idea :)

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Boutique Wedding Market Profile

The Boutique Wedding Market is March 12th and 13th, 2016 in the Commons in Ramsay. I've been eager to get into this show since I heard about it late last year. The whole things looks so amazing and I really think it's my "market", so to speak. Sometimes edgy, always fun brides who want something really personal and special for their wedding!

I was asked by the BWM team to answer a few questions to complete my profile -- so I jumped on the chance. The answers may be a tad spontaneously written but hey, that's me. 


What inspired you to start your business?
It was my desk-mate at work. A couple of years ago she said “you have great handwriting! You should do chalkboards!” And I loooooove hand-writing things. I’m constantly doodling pretty words and tracing out phrases with my finger in mid-air.

I started doing work for local businesses (bars and cafes) for free, collecting a few gift cards as thank-yous (and a couple cocktails on the way). It wasn’t until a girl named Kayla approached me to do chalkboards for her wedding that I knew the wedding industry is where I wanted to be.

What’s your favourite part about working in the wedding industry?
I love working with brides and grooms so much! Like an insane amount. I have never met a bride I didn’t instantly fall in love with and wanted to create for them the best chalkboard signs for their day. I found my niche and love that I don’t draw up a design more than once. Every piece is unique and inspired by the couple! I get to be creative and draw chalkboards that make the photographs look so awesome, too. And when a bride sends me photos of the boards, and ecstatically tells me she’s hanging the boards in her house now, it melts my heart!

Share a piece of advice with our brides:
Everything on your wedding day should reflect you, especially the signage! So if you’re inspired by chalkboards you’ve seen with a specific message on it, spin the wording to fit you.
“Sit your cute butt down wherever you want” or “Y’all leave your cell phones in your pocket. Don’t worry – you won’t die” are a couple of examples of how to say things in your own words. I mean, that’s definitely the kind of thing you’ll eventually see at my wedding…

Do you have any fun news coming up that you’d like to share?
I’m going to buy a house soon! I’m so excited. I haven’t found THE house yet but the new criteria is to have a home with a DEDICATED studio space for my chalkboard art. To not have to clean everything up every night is going to be so sweet!

What’s a wedding trend that you’re totally in love with right now?
Using glitter on desserts at weddings. I just can’t even. It’s so beautiful. Like, how can you make donuts look that gorgeous?!


Read the profile here on the Boutique Wedding Market's website, buy your tickets for $5 (for the WHOLE weekend) and come see me at the show! There are always show specials and boards to buy on the spot! See you there