Working with a Professional Wedding Photographer

In the past little while I've worked with a professional wedding photographer by the name of Melanie Dawne. If you follow me in Instagram or Facebook you've probably seen me singing her praises. She's amazing and has given me some gorgeous shots of my chalkboards for things like magazine spreads and print ads.

I have met a lot of wedding photographers in Calgary and they all have such skill and technical talent. I admit that I haven't worked directly with that many, but as soon as I handed over my chalkboards to Melanie and 'let her do her thing'  - I was shocked. Not because I didn't think she could take beautiful photos, but because her creative brain sets up the most interesting and artistic photographs imaginable. I consider myself a creative person, but seeing what Melanie can do in 5 minutes is nothing short of mind-blowing. 

I'll let the photos in this blog speak for themselves now. I admit that when it comes to Melanie, I sometimes go on and on and on about her. If you don't already, please follow her or check out her Facebook page and Instagram page. You won't be let down :)

Take a look through the shots below and let me know what you think OR